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Interviewer: Tell me about your favorite victory in defending a NJ DWI or NJ DUI case.

Ron Mondello: My best or favorite recollection of a DWI case that I had many years ago involved a truck driver who was going to lose his job if he pled guilty or he was found guilty of the DWI. I recall arriving to court very early and the judge had already taken the bench. I recall the judge asking me what case I was here on. The judge asked me about the case. I briefly told the judge about the case and that my client was a truck driver who invariably would lose his license if he was found guilty or pled guilty.

From the bench, the judge said I’m going to give your client the benefit of the doubt and dismissed the charges without a trial. I do believe that this occurred sometime in the early 90s and the offense of DWI or DUI was not viewed with the same level of negativity as it is today. As an example of how the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction, if you came into my office charged with murder I could discuss a plea bargain with the prosecutor. If you came into my office charged with a DWI or DUI, plea bargaining is prohibited. That makes no sense to me. I can plea-bargain a murder but I can’t plea-bargain a DWI or DUI?

I’m not sure I can categorize this as the worst DWI I ever had but here are the facts. My client was charged with DWI or DUI and his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading was a mere .01%. The per se blood alcohol level at the time was .10%. The prosecutor and the judge would not dismiss the case. The observations, meaning mostly the result of the field sobriety tests that my client had taken, were very good. Yet my client and I were forced to have a trial. The DWI was eventually dismissed. Again, an indication as to how the pendulum has swung so completely in the opposite direction.

Interviewer: Now that I’m convinced that I should have a free consultation, how can I contact you to set one up?

Ron Mondello: Potential clients initially reach me via my cell phone which is 201 – 280 – 8118. Although I am always willing to spend some time on the phone with a defendant who has recently received a New Jersey DWI or New Jersey DUI, I can’t stress strongly enough the importance of having a one-on-one, face to face interview. It is virtually impossible to cover everything that we need to cover over the telephone.

Again, this is not a two-point ticket where in fact I could tell you everything you need to know over the telephone in less than 3 min. A New Jersey DWI or New Jersey DUI is complex and we need to discuss the various strategies and what exactly occurred that evening. So, if you have gotten nothing out of reading or listening to this interview, I will repeat the one absolute you must take away from this session – you must have a face to face, one-on-one consultation with New Jersey competent counsel who was well versed in this complex area of Municipal Court law. Best of Luck!