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Common Misconceptions about Moving Violations

Interviewer: Do you think people mistakenly assume a moving violation will not have any long-term consequences?

“I Don’t Need an Attorney; I Can Just Talk to the DA.” The Prosecutor May Be Willing to Negotiate but the Plea May Not Be in Your Best Interest in the Future

Ron Mondello: Yes, I think the common misperceptions would be that they don’t need an attorney, when they do. Ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of the time, an attorney can save them a lot of money, as well as perhaps avoiding a loss of license. If somebody just goes in and says, “You know what, I’ve got this driving while suspended infraction. The prosecutor told me he wasn’t going to take my license away, so I might as well plead guilty to it.” That is a huge mistake.

They should absolutely speak to an attorney about it, because should they incur another offense, they’re looking at five days jail. I will guarantee that nobody’s told them that their auto insurance is going to double or triple. That’s common misperception that, “Well, if I’m not going to lose my license, it can’t be that bad.” That is just plain wrong and a big mistake.

Do You Need to Drive to Work? Each Additional Conviction for a Moving Violation Increases Your Chances of a Lengthy Suspension and a Jail Sentence

Interviewer: I guess if you receive another violation, the stakes are a lot higher.

Ron Mondello: The stakes will exponentially increase, so you want to consult with an attorney it before the consequences become injurious. I’ve had clients that have taken my advice and they have gotten six, seven driving law suspended tickets, but I’ve always been able to have them dismissed or reduce them, because they’ve never plead guilty to one prior driving law suspended ticket.

For my clients, either we’ve got the tickets dismissed or changed to something else, so when the prosecutor looks at that individual’s driving history, all they is that my client has never plead guilty to a driving law suspended ticket before. Even though my client may have received several violations, he has never pleaded guilty and he’s never been found guilty because he was represented by me.

Be Proactive rather than Reactive: Keep Your Driving Record Clean by Retaining an Attorney to Handle Violations

Interviewer: It seems extremely important idea to keep your driving record, if possible, untarnished with a conviction of anything.

Ron Mondello: It’s extremely important. It’s being proactive instead of reactive. If you hire an attorney to be involved from the beginning, hopefully you won’t get any more tickets and you’re a good driver, but if you do, at least you’ve done proactive steps to minimize what’s going to happen in the future.

By Ronald P. Mondello