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East Greenwich mayor pleads not guilty to DWI

Woodstown – The mayor of East Greenwich, Fred Grant, plead not guilty to a charge of DWI. He was charged on July 31 last year during a traffic stop for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

According to the police he was speeding on Kings Highway, doing 91 in a 45 mph zone. An officer stopped him and smelled alcohol on the mayor’s breath. Officer then proceeded to conduct a field sobriety test. When Mr Grant failed the test, that gave the officer enough reason to have Grant take a breath test. He was charged with DWI, speeding and careless driving.

At the time following the arrest, the mayor told the South Jersey Times that he was wrong and was sorry for all the negativity the case would cast on the township. According to Grant, his blood alcohol content was .11. The legal limit is .08

However, the mayor is currently pleading not guilty to the charge. He will not face trial for the offense until next month, after the judge postponed the set trial date for the case. Judge John Casarow rescheduled the trial for noon on April 11 at the Mid-Salem municipal court. The attorneys involved spent nearly an hour privately discussing the matter and then requested the judge for postponement, which was granted by the judge hearing the case giving the lawyers more time to complete the discovery issues and challenge the evidence.

The mayor said nothing during his short court appearance and only stood for just a few minutes in front of the judge. If convicted of the charges, a first offense for DWI in New Jersey can result in license suspension for seven months to a year, a fine of up to $400 and a $1,000 a year surcharge for three years.

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