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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I go to DMV to get a scofflaw report (a report that lists all of your unresolved tickets), can I be arrested for these tickets?

A: This is very unlikely and arrests at the DMV are not usually made because of unresolved tickets.


Q: Do I have to go to the attorney’s office for a free consultation?

A: Yes. Telephone consultations are not very helpful to you or the attorney. A new client should meet with the attorney, bring the tickets and other associated paperwork and completely discuss the matter face to face.


Q: Can the lawyer’s secretary give me advice?

A: No. Only an attorney can give you advice. You should seek the advice of an attorney who specializes in traffic violations.


Q: Can I send someone else to the attorney’s office to talk about my traffic ticket?

A: No. Only the person who has received the ticket should talk to the attorney.


Q: Is it better if I don’t tell my attorney about my previous traffic violations?

A: No. You must tell your attorney about all previous violations so that he can properly advise you. In addition the previous violations will appear on your DMV driver’s record and the court and a prosecutor will review it.


Q: If I hire Ron Mondello, can you guarantee he can get the charges dismissed?

A: No. An attorney can never guarantee a particular outcome.


Q: How soon before a court date should I hire an attorney?

A: At least ten days before the court date, otherwise the court may adjourn your matter.


Q: If I hire an attorney immediately before my court date then he must go to court with me on that date. Right?

A: A client should understand that their attorney cannot always go to court with them on their scheduled court date for various reasons (other court appearances, etc.). After you have hired an attorney, the attorney sends a letter of representation to the court requesting a new court date so that a “not guilty” plea can be entered, discovery can be received by the attorney and the matter rescheduled for a trial date when the police officer is available. This is why the client should always retain an attorney at least ten days prior to the court date. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.


Q: If I simply don’t feel like going to court that day or I do not have the attorney’s fee, can I just adjourn the court date?

A: No. Scheduled court dates are mandatory.


Q: Does an attorney’s fee include court costs and court fines?

A: No.


Q: How much is my fine?

A: Many fines are listed on the back of the summons. If not feel free to contact the court for the fine.


Q: Can I get my money back if I hire an attorney and then change my mind?

A: Money is not usually returned to a client, because many courts will not permit an attorney to withdraw from a municipal court case after a letter of representation has been sent to the court.


Q: If I do not want to pay an attorney’s fee after that attorney has represented me in court, can I refuse to pay it?

A: An attorney’s fee is no different from that of other professionals. All fees must be paid by the court date or immediately after services have been provided. The attorney has the right to sue the client for the fee.

By Ronald P. Mondello