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Moving Violations and The Interstate Driver’s License Compact

Interviewer: What’s the interstate Driver’s License Compact, and is New Jersey a part of it?

Ron Mondello:  The interstate driving compact is where several states cooperate regarding penalties. You can go online and find out which states are a part of it and which ones are not. Georgia is not.

States Including New York, Delaware and Connecticut Participate in the Compact and will Report any Infractions You Receive Back to Your Home State

Obviously New York is, Connecticut, Delaware, states that are certainly close to New Jersey. The bottom line with this is any kind of violation that you receive, even if you’re a New Jersey license holder, if you get a moving violation while you’re driving through one of those states, it will be reported back to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. The reverse is true.

If you get court in Georgia, they’re not part of the interstate compact. They’re not going to report a violation that you got in Georgia to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

If Your License Is Suspended in New Jersey, You Are Not Permitted to Drive in Any of the States Participating in the Compact

Interviewer: Do you have an offense that leads up to your license being suspended? Will it be suspended in all the states that are part of the compact, or just one?

Ron Mondello: This is an interesting question, a little bit difficult to answer. At a minimum, those states that are part of the interstate compact, if your driving privilege in New Jersey is suspended, you’re not allowed to drive in any of those other states. Now, does that mean that if you’re in New York and your license to drive in New Jersey is suspended, that you’re automatically going to get a ticket in New York? Not necessarily.

It may not have hit the New York in a computer system. The police officer who pulled you over may not know about that suspension in New Jersey. The technical answer, the legal answer, is yes. Once your driving privilege is suspended in one of those states, you’re not allowed to drive in any of those states.

Certain Moving Violations Carry Enough Points to Suspend Your License

Interviewer: Will any one of the moving violations cause your license to be suspended, or are they all comprised of a few points here and a few points there?

Ron Mondello: It depends on the circumstances. If you receive a reckless driving ticket; you could wind up getting your license suspended. Again, it depends on the particular municipality. I can you tell you more often than not, if you get a speeding ticket that is 30 or more above the speed limit in Clifton, more likely than not, you are going to lose your license for some period of time. The judge will suspend your license for 10, 20, 30 days.

Speeding tickets where the excess speed is at least 30 miles over shoots up a flare, and it could be very problematic for anybody who has a license, especially somebody who drives for a living. If they’re driving that fast and they lose their license, obviously affects their livelihood.

By Ronald P. Mondello