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New Jersey’s Unsafe Driving Statute

Interviewer: Are there any other mistakes people make that can hurt their case?

Ron Mondello: Yes. Many people don’t understand how unsafe driving works in New Jersey. Unsafe driving, the statute is NJSA39:4-97.2, and it is a zero point offense. It’s a very expensive ticket, but it does not add points to your license.

All Drivers Can Only Petition Twice in Five Years to Reduce a Traffic-Related Offense down to Unsafe Driving

Let’s say you have a four-point speeding ticket, you hire an attorney to get it amended to unsafe driving, you’ll pay $439 to the court, but you won’t have any insurance increases because you don’t have four points. The problem is most people don’t realize that you can only use that strategy twice. Then, you have to wait five years to use it a third time.

Accepting a Reduction to Unsafe Driving a Third Time Adds Four Points to Their License

What I see are individuals who have used it twice, and then a year later they’ve used it a third time, they’ve paid $439 to the court, and they have four points on their driver’s abstract. In fact, I’ve seen people do that, where the original moving violation only had two points, but they accumulated four points now because they plead to a third unsafe driving.

Attorney Mondello Defends Multiple Violations and Works toward a Favorable Outcome for Clients to Keep their Record Clean

It’s very important that they get an abstract and not just the one for five years they go pick up from DMV, or Motor Vehicle Commission, as it’s called now. People in this situation should get an attorney involved. My abstracts go from the minute they have their license until the present day. There’s no time limit on it, because $15 is worth its weight in gold. It paints the picture of where we are and where we’re going.

By Ronald P. Mondello