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Pleading Guilty to a DUI/DWI Charge in New Jersey

Interviewer: Why shouldn’t I just plead guilty to this New Jersey DWI or DUI and get it over with quickly?

Ron Mondello: To best understand the answer to this question you must realize that time is on your side. What do I mean by that? The more time that goes by, the more tickets and more New Jersey DWI or DUI summonses are issued by the same police officer who issued your New Jersey DWI or DUI.

Assuming that you were not disrespectful, rude and obnoxious to that arresting police officer, he will have forgotten about you and your case. Of course, the opposite is true. If you made it a point to state every expletive in your vocabulary to the police officer, then he will undoubtedly remember you and time is not on your side. Assuming you were polite, your situation goes to the bottom of the pile in chronological order so to speak. The police officer who has either good things to say about you or nothing bad to say about you will be more likely than not to be willing to discuss the case and perhaps agree to a favorable disposition.

What do I mean by that? It’s foolish to simply want to get this over with. Your competent Municipal Court attorney will thoroughly review the discovery and perhaps find some deficiency. For example, in New Jersey before the breathalyzer is administered to you a police officer must observe you for a 20 minute period. In that 20 minute period time frame, the police officer must make sure that you don’t vomit, belch, or put anything in your mouth. If the 20 minute period of observation is not mentioned in the report perhaps we can all agree on a guilty plea with a three-month suspension of your license instead of a seven month suspension of your license.

There are many more other examples of defects that could result in a more favorable resolution of your New Jersey DWI or New Jersey DUI. Understand this, is extremely difficult to prolong your New Jersey DWI or New Jersey DUI Municipal Court case anyway.

The New Jersey agency that administers the Municipal Courts have given a directive that New Jersey DWI in New Jersey DUI tickets must be resolved within 60 days of the issuance of that summons. This goal of resolving the case within 60 days rarely occurs but this directive does keep the Municipal Court judges in the state of trying to resolve these cases sooner rather than later.