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Underage Drivers and Traffic Infractions

Interviewer: What are the consequences for underage people with traffic tickets? What will happen with them? Will they just get a driving with no license citation?

Ron Mondello: Well, let’s talk about somebody who is 16 years old, who takes the car out, but doesn’t even have a permit, or has a permit but doesn’t have anybody with a license in the front seat. They will typically get a ticket for unlicensed driver.

It Is Important for Underage Drivers to Have Legal Representation in Order to Mitigate the Penalties from any Traffic Violation

For an unlicensed driver, the penalties associated with that infraction is a six-month either loss of license, or in this case it would be a six-month delay before they could get their license. I have represented many younger drivers that don’t have licenses. In every instance, the parents should be hiring an attorney because you may be able to work something out where they don’t have that six-month prohibition before they’re entitled to get their license.

There’s nothing worse than somebody who’s 16-and-a-half, or even 17, and now they have to wait until they’re 17-and-a-half to get their driver’s license. All their friends have already gotten their licenses. They made one mistake. They took Mom’s car out. They went around the block. They went for a driver with a couple kids. There was no accident. There were no problems, but they did get caught.

I’ve been able to change those tickets when there have been a lot of equities, such as the client being basically a good kid and a good student. Why should the teenager be prevented from not having his license for another six months? He made one mistake. In every instance, the parents of that child should be speaking to me to handle this type of infraction.

By Ronald P. Mondello