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What Are the Most Common Traffic Tickets Issued in New Jersey?

Interviewer: What are the most common traffic tickets do you see people receive that they come to you for help on?

Working Undocumented Immigrants Receive Many Unlicensed Driver Citations because They Need to Travel to Their Place of Employment

Ron Mondello: It’s is somewhat based on ethnicity. I see a lot of unlicensed driving tickets. The statute is NJSA 39:3-10. A lot of those tickets occur in the Latino community because many of that population are undocumented. They’ve got to drive to work, and they don’t have a license, or they’ve got a license from Michigan, which the New Jersey police officer is not interested in. They’ll get a ticket for an unlicensed driver. When they come to my office, I stress that it’s very important that to get an attorney because if they just go by themselves and plead guilty to that offense, their privilege, even though they don’t have a license, their privilege to drive in the state of New Jersey will be suspended.

The Penalties for the Offense Can Compound and Lead to More Serious Charges

The next time that they get pulled over, they’ll get a ticket for driving while suspended, not unlicensed. If it’s a second driving while suspended, they may face spending some time in jail. If they spend some time in jail, immigration officials will probably put a detainer on them.

The rest of the tickets that I see most often are predominantly moving violations, speeding tickets, red lights, and improper lane changes. They’re all classified as moving violations. The reason somebody would want an attorney to go to court with them for a moving violation is just economic reasons.

You will Save Money in the Long Run: It Is Advisable to Retain an Attorney for Your Court Appearance for a Moving Violation

If somebody pleads guilty to a four-point speeding ticket, depending on the insurance company that they have in New Jersey, the increase could be $100-$250 per point each year for three years. If you hire an attorney, we may be able to have the four points knocked down to zero points, they’re not going to see a potential thousand-dollar increase each year for the next three years in their automobile insurance.

Interviewer: Hiring you for this kind of case, even though it’s small, would more than pay for itself easily, is that right?

Individuals with Multiple Moving Violations Face Expensive Consequences without the Assistance of an Attorney to Mitigate the Penalties

Ron Mondello: Yes and this especially true for someone who has multiple moving violations. Any attorney is going to do much, much better than this individual going pro se, which means representing themselves. An attorney is going to be able to get more of the tickets dismissed. There have been instances where my client has had 12 points, and we walked out of there with zero points. The $500 that they paid me, it was worth that five times over.

By Ronald P. Mondello