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What to look for When Hiring an Attorney to Represent your Case?

Interviewer: What kind of credentials should I be looking for when interviewing attorneys to possibly represent me?

Ron Mondello: Again, you want to find an attorney that you are comfortable with. You want to find an attorney who is well versed and has kept current with the New Jersey DWI and DWI laws. You need not find a Municipal Court attorney who has had hundreds and hundreds of DWI trials. The majority of New Jersey DWI and DUI cases are resolved without the necessity for a trial. However, you need an aggressive attorney who is ready to gather all the ammunition, load all the guns and be prepared to fight. You as well, must be prepared for the fight and you need an attorney that you are comfortable with and who can assist you in your preparation for this long, drawn out battle between you and the state of New Jersey.

It is Important that the Attorney is familiar with the Court Process in NJ.

Another important factor for you to consider is geography. Is the attorney that you are contemplating hiring for the defense of your New Jersey DWI or DUI familiar with the court where you received your summons? An attorney who is familiar with the prosecutor and the judge of that Municipal Court will most likely rather than not have some advantage over an attorney who has never stepped foot in that particular Municipal Court. That may not sound fair but I will repeat what my grandfather once told me, life becomes unfair once you leave kindergarten.

Interviewer: What warning signs should I be aware of?

Ron Mondello: The biggest warning sign that I have seen in my 20 years or so of practicing throughout the Municipal Court’s in New Jersey is when an attorney represents a defendant in a New Jersey DWI or DUI and does not bother to order and obtain the discovery from the police department. Or if that attorney has received the discovery and has not reviewed it with you. Although I am sure that this rarely happens, the failure to order, obtain and review this discovery is not only extremely dangerous but borders on malpractice.

Interviewer: What have you learned about people’s behavior and their reaction to being arrested and prosecuted for New Jersey DWI or DUI? What human insights have you gained into the whole process?

Ron Mondello: Everyone and I mean everyone makes mistakes. There are plenty of professionals convicted of New Jersey DWI or DUI. I personally know of many doctors, lawyers, judges, truck drivers, accountants police officers, and the list goes on and on and on. There should be no shame associated with making this temporarily life altering mistake but the smart people never and I mean never let it happen again. The penalties for subsequent New Jersey DWIs and DUIs grow exponentially.